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Pentip VA Church in Wales
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Learning and Worshipping Together Dysgu ac Addoli Gyda’n Gilydd

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Admissions Policy

Admissions to the school are the responsibility of the Governing Body. Parents who are considering Pentip for their son/daughter should contact the school for an application form and prospectus. The admission policy will be explained and parents informed of admission procedures. Parents / Carers new to the school will be invited to visit, should they wish to, the school, meet the staff and see the pupils at work. The Admission form should be returned to the school by October 31st for consideration by the Governing Body.


Whilst Pentip is primarily a Voluntary Aided Church in Wales school, serving the Deanery of Kidwelly, it is also an area school with a specific catchment area which from September 2010 was extended to cover the whole of the Llanelli area.  The governors welcome applications from parents of all pupils within this area of any or no denomination.


Admission applications are considered by the governing body in the Autumn Term preceding the academic year of entry including those from statemented children where the school is named on the statement. If there are more applications than places available applications will be assessed against the following oversubscription criteria:-


  1. Looked After Children
  2. Pupils with  a sibling (full, half or stepbrother or sister, adopted and fostered children) who will be in the school at the time of admission
  3. Children who reside within the catchment area as indicated on the LA map which can be viewed at the school or on the Carmarthenshire County Council website.
  4. Baptised, Church in Wales children in the Deanery of Kidwelly.  A map of which can be found on the St David’s Diocese website.
  5. Children of parents of other denominations who wish to share in and support the Christian ethos and traditions of the school. (Supported by a reference from the family’s church representative)


Should more than one child equally qualify for admission then distance from home to school measured by the safest walking route will be taken into account to make the decision.


With multiple births, if it is not possible to offer all children a place, parents will be asked to decide which child should be offered a place first, or parents may wish to consider an alternative setting for all children.


If an applicant for entry is unsuccessful, then parents have the right to appeal. The official procedure is as follows:-

Parents should apply through the Chairperson to go to an Independent Appeals Committee. The decision of the Committee is binding upon the governors.

Where there is over subscription the governing Body will maintain a waiting list. Children will be admitted if a place becomes available based upon the oversubscription criteria and not by the date the application was submitted.


Mid – term admissions for children who move into the area are welcomed by the governing body provided the admission number is not exceeded.